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Triplett and Coffey provides metal fab and steel services

Get steel services and metal fab from Triplett and Coffey, Boone’s steel shop.
For metal fab, like steel services, see the premier Boone steel shop, Triplett and Coffey.

When it comes to metal fab, steel services are some of the most in-demand ones you'll find in the Boone area. The great news is that you found an experienced steel shop that's been helping customers since 1980. There are a multitude of materials that our machine shop and metal fabrication services can offer you. However, there are times when no other material will do. Simply put, you have parts that demand the use of steel. If that's the case, look no further than Triplett & Coffey.


Call our steel shop at (828) 264-1660

Steel Services

Popularized by Andrew Carnegie during the Industrial Revolution in the early 1900’s, steel is used to make everything from the smallest cog to support beams for skyscrapers... and everything in between. So if you need help with a special gasket, a fence or anything else you can imagine there's a steel shop ready and able to help you. Before you start your next project ask about the steel services available here at Triplett & Coffey. It only takes a few moments of your time to discuss your project so call or e-mail us today.